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This New Year’s Eve. I watched Masked Intruder (and Naked Raygun) play a masquerade ball (Get it?! Guys??) at Brauerhouse in Lombard. My heart broke a little when they didn’t play “Heart Shaped Guitar,” but otherwise it was a totally stellar set. Also shout out to the random generic rock dudes that somehow got added for a 20 minute opening set–I wish I had pictures or a video of how weird that was.

All in all though, another punk rock NYE in the books–here’s to more shows in 2019! …because saying “yes” to live music is certainly still on the list.


PHOTO: Masked Intruder at Reggie’s. 

May 26th, 2016 at Reggie’s Rock Club. Brendan Kelly opened and was fantastic, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of his performance. 

PHOTO: Masked Intruder at Brauerhouse.
February 3, 2015, 10:28 pm
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