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May 29, 2014, 1:14 pm
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Throughout my life I’ve feared running, mainly because I’ve never been good at it. Like, puking-before-I’ve-finished-a-mile not good at it. Despite embarking on a number of fitness endeavors in the last year, I’ve still thought of running as the final frontier. Though I’m still not good at it now, one if my biggest goals in 2014 has been to get more comfortable with distance running and to eventually embrace it. I’m still a ways off from loving a run, but I’ve been trying my best to do 5Ks when I can. I have three under my belt so far in 2014; the end results of two are included below. When I ran my first 5K in November, I did it in just under 36 minutes. In the race I ran last week, I ran it in just under 31 minutes. While I still wouldn’t call myself a great runner, I’m overjoyed about my improvement and the fact that I’m taking on something that I previously avoided at all costs. I’m hoping to get my time under 30 minutes soon and will be taking on an eight mile run in November (which seems absolutely terrifying, but I’m trying my best to put that thought out of my mind). We’ll see how that one goes.




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Comment by Jack

Congrats on the time!!!!! I am trying to get under 35 min, I need to put more time in than the occasional run and stop being so lazy.

Comment by stretchingittotravel

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