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Tom Gabel, “100 Years of War”
March 7, 2011, 5:38 am
Filed under: Punk, videos

Lately, I’ve been on a YouTube kick. This lead me to an Against Me! kick, which… then lead me to a Tom Gabel kick. This was then reinforced by the fact that I purchased a 45 of Gabel’s solo material at the Against Me!/Dropkick/Off With Their Heads show last week. I couldn’t stop listening to the material on that record, which then prompted me to seek out the songs on his solo album, Heart Burns. I love what I’ve heard.

Many people criticize Against Me! for their change in sound over the years. While I do admit that their sound is different from their unabashedly rough, fast and political tunes of the early 2000s, I see no degeneration in quality in their latest release and absolutely love their recent material. I’m not saying that Reinventing Axel Rose isn’t a classic; it definitely is. However, I don’t feel that artists should be forced to mimic their previous releases in order to be considered sincere by their audience. It is growth, experimentation and maturation that allows an artist to explore other realms and continue to create music about which he or she is passionate. I personally connect with that passion and drive and love when I can identify with a song that truly meant something to its creator.

When I was YouTubing this past week, I noticed that Tom Gabel created a lot of simple, DIY videos for his solo material. After browsing through these selections, I was taken aback at how much the videos themselves added to the songs. I guess you don’t need a huge budget to create great material. One in particular really caught my eye: that of “100 Years of War.” The song has obvious political underpinnings and features some chillingly somber lyrics–two elements that blend wonderfully throughout the tune. The video itself is beautifully done yet incredibly simple. I can’t wait to hear more from you, Tom Gabel.

Well don’t miss your chance to see it
While it’s all happening
These are all once in a life time events
And time will wait for no one


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