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February 2, 2011, 8:24 pm
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I love to introduce people to sights, sounds and stories that they never knew existed. There are so many great bands, organizations and companies out there bettering their communities and music as a whole; I wish more people were in the know. A great example of this is JBTV.

JBTV is a television station that has been in operation for over 25 years in Chicago, IL. It primarily features performances by bands in the JBTV studios, interviews with a wide variety of artists, music videos, and various segments that relate to music, television, or Chicago culture in general. The station offers lesser-known artists a chance to gain exposure and gives viewers an opportunity to get a look at behind the scenes action or a preview of that Metro show they just couldn’t afford. Whatever your reason for watching, know that JBTV is a true gem.

I’m a huge supporter of the local scene here in Chicago, and I love what JBTV does for smaller artists. I’m also a huge fan of punk rock, pop-punk, ska, and alternative, and let’s be honest–if Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms is hosting a show on JBTV, you can be sure I’m watching it. Yep, both he and Tobias Jeg of Red Scare Industries (I’ll discuss this in a later post) host a segment within JBTV called JBTV Static Age. So good. They feature interviews with punk greats such as Joey Ramone, Henry Rollins and Social Distortion and live sets from more modern acts like the Mezingers, Riverboat Gamblers, Alkaline Trio, Murder By Death and Propagandhi. Honestly, name a band; they’ve probably played on JBTV. Chicago’s best kept secret, eh?

So where can you find it? I’ve included a schedule below. However, if you miss an episode, you can also always stream episodes and individual segments on JBTV’s website,

11PM – JBTV :: Chicago Dish Network Channel 62 | DirecTV Channel 62 or 972 | Comcast Channel 18 | RCN Channel 10 | AT&T U-Verse Channel 62 | Broadcast TV Channel 62

1AM – JBTV :: Chicago Digital Channel 62.4

9PM – JBTV :: NBC Chicago Nonstop :: Chicago Digital Channel 5.2 | Comcast 252 and 341 | RCN 50 | WOW! 130 | check your local listings

7PM – JBTV :: NBC Chicago Nonstop :: Chicago Digital Channel 5.2 | Comcast 252 and 341 | RCN 50 | WOW! 130 | check your local listings
8PM – JBTV :: NBC Chicago Nonstop :: Chicago Digital Channel 5.2 | Comcast 252 and 341 | RCN 50 | WOW! 130 | check your local listings

All times are Central Standard Time (CST)

Live Sets
Perhaps the greatest benefit of knowing about JBTV? — Well, it sure would be dull to hold an in-studio performance with no audience to sing along. — JBTV has a guestlist for each of its in-studio performances onto which anyone can enter his or her name. Then, 50 people are randomly chosen from each list (along with a +1) to get into the performance. I’ve had the privilege of going to a few of these (AM Taxi, Bayside, the Smoking Popes) and have been absolutely blown away each time. Below is a photo I took at the Bayside performance I attended. The photo is unedited; their lighting is simply fantastic.

Bayside @ JBTV on October 25th, 2010.

It’s a great opportunity for a [really] intimate performance, so definitely sign up by going to JBTV’s page on Do312 if you are interested. The next few performance they have are:
February 3rd: Less Than Jake
February 12th: Suns
February 20th: Maps & Atlases
February 24th: The Arrivals
March 8th: David Costa

Interested? Like I said, join the guest list!



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Thanks for writing about JBTV. Let’s let the world know!!

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